Simple Postal wins two prestigious document management awards by FinancesOnline

Simple Postal appreciates the role of undisturbed communication in every business environment, and is proud of its modern and streamlined sharing technology that makes it possible. The effects of our work have now been recognized by a leading team of B2B experts, and discussed on one of world’s top software review directories

Looking for small-biz friendly collaboration solutions, FinancesOnline’s team came across Simple Postal, and was impressed by its simple and friendly approach to teamwork. The experts submitted our system to their standardized scoring procedure, and came to the conclusion Simple Postal has what it takes to be recommended to businesses from all scales and industries. Consequently, our product was distinguished with two of the platform’s best known awards: The 2017 Rising Star Award and the Great User Experience Award for document management tools. Both of them are reserved for top notch players in the arena, which not only facilitate collaboration, but also deliver outstanding and timely support.

Our system was distinguished for facilitating long distance communication, and eliminating all error-prone and ineffective paperwork. Affordable, well-integrated, and able to produce eye-pleasant materials to support your brand’s reputation, Simple Postal is perfectly equipped to make any business more productive.