Send letters to the USA from Tuvalu.

How to send letters from Tuvalu to the USA?

Just upload it to SimplePostal and we will print and mail it locally in the USA via USPS. Starting from $1.
Send it fast and easy! No printing, finding an expensive courier.

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We have created a simple platform for you to send direct mail just by uploading the document. Send physical mail as effortlessly as email, saving you time!

Save money

All included at one low price, printing, postage and shipping. Only pay for what you send. Higher discounts at volume. As low as $1 per letter.

Save time

Saves you time spent on printing, stuffing envelopes, licking stamps and dropping envelopes in the mail. No more printer issues!

Easy to use

You can simply upload the document that you want to mail and enter the address and we do the rest for you. No programming skills needed.


Monitor your mail as it travels to its destination via a unique barcode that is scanned by USPS, you get this added benefit for no extra cost.

Look professional

Send professionally printed envelopes to your customers. Letters are professionally printed, stuffed in a double window envelope. We also validate your customer's address (available for addresses in the USA).

Fast delivery

Letters are delivered by first class mail via USPS. Delivery estimates are between 4-6 days.